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Foot Switches

Foot Switches, 10A 250VAC, 1A1B
  • CN1

Foot Switches

Product Specifications:

  1. Model Number: CN1

  2. Electrical Rating: 10A 250VAC

  3. Contact: 1A1B

  4. Dimension: 80mm x 80mm x H30mm

  5. Color: Gray, Black

  6. Cover Material: ABS

  7. Place of Origin: Taiwan

Cable Specifications: 

  1. CN1-0752: PVC 0.75mm² 2 core cable

  2. CN1-0753: PVC 0.75mm² 3 core cable

  3. CN1-0502: PVC 0.5mm² 2 core cable

  4. CN1-0503: PVC 0.5mm² 3 core cable

  5. OEM

Foot Switches

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